Review of Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board

The Epicurean cutting boards¬†caught my eye when shopping in Westboro at Kitchenalia a few weeks back. I’ve been in need of a new cutting board for a while.

I decided to buy the Nutmeg cuting board of the Epicurean Kitchen Series. It met a bunch of criteria that I felt was important, most notably that it was dishwasher safe. Here are all of this cutting board’s attributes.

Dishwasher safe : easily sanitized in dishwasher
Eco Friendly : made using materials that leave a low carbon footprint
Knife Friendly : will not dull knives by allowing surface to slightly score, protecting knife edge
Heat Resistant : heat resistant to 350F (can be used as a hot plate)
Made and manufactured in the United States
50% Recycled material : materials made using 50% recycled corrugated cardboard

When I first read the tag on the cutting board, the breakdown of each attribute was not given. I just saw the titles. The reason I bring this up is because of the ‘knife friendly’ quality. I took this to mean that the cutting board would not be affected by knife marks…

After a few uses I noticed the scratches show up on the board. I was very disappointed. Now that I’ve looked further into the brand, I’ve seen that knife friendly means that the board is friendly to your knives, and not the other way around.¬†In fact, the website says that the surface is supposed to ‘slightly score’ in order to protect your knives. Ohhhh!

The board I bought is very large (18×13), very lightweight, and has so far not warped, meaning it remains flat after numerous dishwasher loads. I really do like it because I can chop many different veggies on it without having to clear the board all the time. Since it is made with recycled cardboard, I am reluctant to cut raw meat on it though. I save my ugly plastic cutting boards for raw meat. Although they do claim that the board will NOT harbour bacteria. Here is a video!

Other than the knife marks(which apparently will never be deep cuts), I am pleased with this cutting board. Especially now that I realize I was mistaken. It’s a nice-looking board, and is perfect for all of my vegetable chopping. It is also very easy to slide off the cut vegetables into whatever pot or pan to cook, because the entire surface of the board is smooth, there are no ledges. The little hole makes it easy to pick up, or could be used to hang it for those with kitchen hanging systems.

The board cost me $35. Since it was made with recycled material, I didn’t mind paying a bit more for it. Hopefully one day I will find a board that is scratch free, but until then, I am glad that my knives will keep their sharpness on this board.


6 comments on “Review of Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board

  1. Jasmine on said:

    These are really cute cutting boards. I think i’ll go buy some :)

  2. I have this board. It is light, easy to wash, and smooth surface. BUT I cannot do cutting properly on it. Why? because this board cannot stay on the counter top without moving. It surface is too smooth that it keeps moving around like a boat floating on water. Just lead me to think that the people who invent this do not do any cooking themselves.

  3. Darleya on said:

    I don’t seem to have that problem Ben, but I do have the largest board, so maybe that’s why? It doesn’t quite fit into my dishwasher though, so I tend not to use it as much as planned.

  4. Steve on said:

    I have several of these cutting boards. Sometimes they are a bit slippery as you mention, but I find that putting a dishcloth under them stops them from sliding around. The company also sells ones with silicon corners (I’ve never tried)

    re cuts on the boards, I’ve always thought of this as a very good thing as I’d rather have nicks on the boards that dull / chipped knives!

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