Review of Saybon But-r Mints and Fudge soft chews

The Giveaway mentioned in this post went to my fabulous reader Lex! Thanks for your support Lex :)

How fitting to start off October with a treat post? A treat post with a special giveaway that is! Read on…

Allan Candy company has come up with a new line of individually wrapped candies called Saybon. Ordinarily I would describe these candies as your typical ‘business’ or ‘grandparents’ type candies. The kind you find when leaving a restaurant, or the ones you would avoid until the end at Halloween.

These thoughts vanished after I tried them. I tried two different packages of the Saybon line. The But’r Mints, and the soft fudge candies (2 flavours). All of the Saybon candies are made in Canada in a peanut-free facility and are kosher.

My favourite of all the ones I tried is the dairy chew from the soft fudge package. Soo delicious! The regular chocolate fudge ones were fantastic too. Both are very soft and melt in your mouth. I thought they would be really sticky and get all into your teeth, but they’re much softer than that. The flavour of the dairy chew reminds me of maple somehow, but they only describe the flavour as ‘dairy’.

Ah-hah! I just checked out their website, and realized that they actually describe the dairy chew as ‘a delicious maple flavoured chew’. I wonder why the bag doesn’t say that. At least my taste buds are accurate!

The but’r mint candies are much closer to a hard candy. It’s a very interesting flavour. You get the buttery cream then the mint in your mouth. They’re very good. They’re still chew-able, but not like a soft fudge. I planned to give all of these candies out to my guests whenever people come over. They all lasted about a week instead. My husband and I ate most of them, then my father kept eating but’r mint after but’r mint, and even hid the last few from me lol.

The Saybon line has11 different flavours to chose from. Visit SAYBON on Facebook to enter the “It’s Good to Share Sweepstakes” for a chance to win $10,000.

These candies were a definite pleasant surprise. No longer will I judge a candy by its packaging. You have to try them.

One of my readers who posts a comment on this review will win a gift pack of these SAYBON candies, so please post a comment to be entered in a draw. I’m looking forward to sending one of my faithful readers a special October treat!


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  1. ooh I haven’t seen these before! :)

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    Ooh, pick me! Pick me!

  3. Late but ready to play. L.

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